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What do NOC engineers/technicians monitor in a typical NOC?

A NOC is designed to assist businesses with keeping their network running at maximum capacity, and they help to ensure that all of the data on the network is safe, secure, and backed up if something happens to the network’s hardware. Although a NOC does a lot of the work alone, it is essential to recognize the NOC technicians and NOC engineers and know what they are held accountable for. After all, without these technical professionals, the NOC would not be half as effective as it is. The four tasks that NOC technicians and NOC engineers are responsible for are detecting threats, resolving any issues that relate to the network as soon as possible, network up-time, and 24/7 monitoring.

ExterNetworks understands the importance of having highly trained engineers and technicians available to make sure that NOC is running properly.


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I work as a marketing specialist and staff author at Externetworks which is a pioneer in Managed Technology Services. Our services include 24/7 Network Monitoring, Uptime maintenance, NOC Support, IT Helpdesk services. Read more at: Career of a NOC T


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