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The windows of time frozen and other stories

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Translated from Ukrainian by Michael M. Naydan.

This translations of the stories by Yuri Vynnychuk represent a broad spectrum of the works of this well-known Ukrainian writer from Lviv. The volume is divided into five sections, each of which represents a different style or genre. The stories include deeply lyrical and philosophical pieces rife with magical realism, pointed psichological portraitsof individual characters in crisis situations, fantastic and alternative worlds — in the genres of science fiction and the gothic horror tale, wickedly black humor and biting satire, and pulp erotica with more than a dash of humor. This volume allows you to enter into the many «embroidered» worlds of Yuri Vynnychuk, a post-modern Ukrainian Gogol, a chameleon of storyteller par excellence.

М’яка палітурка, 272 с.

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Юрій Винничук

  Юрій Винничук — український лінгвіст, журналіст, письменник, редактор. Біографія Освіту отримав у Прикарпатському університеті імені В.


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