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However, if you are in a bad work environment, you need to detach yourself from it. Here are 4 signs that you are in a bad work environment.
Bad communication: If you often find it difficult to communicate with people at the workplace, it is not always your fault. Imagine getting the assistance of an assignment helper, who works on your assignment without taking any input from you. A communication gap can be the root cause behind a lot of problems, and it can generate at the upper level of administration as well.
A constant lack of clarity around the projects Failure to listen Different employees getting different messages Constant “off-hours” communication Passive-aggressive communication All the aforementioned things can be a sign of a bad work environment.
Poor leadership: Having a bad boss at an early stage of your career can ruin your career beyond repair. It is not possible to guess the nature of the boss at the initial stage of your job. However, there are some signs that can tell you a lot about the person. Constantly correcting you, undermining your suggestions, and disallowing you from doing your job – these are some of the traits of a bad boss, who can very well be the reason for a toxic workplace.
Unmotivated coworkers: It may not be the ideal to judge a workplace by seeing a few unmotivated coworkers. But you cannot deny the fact that having such people around can have a toll on you as well. It is because of two major reasons. You will either have to take more responsibilities than you are supposed to, or you will get influenced by their lack of motivation. In any case, your career is going to suffer.
Rapid employee turnover: Leaving a job is a huge deal for an employee. However, when you see too many people in your organisation is making that decision, there is surely something toxic at the workplace. Alternatively, if you see that the employees are constantly being terminated, there may be other toxic elements in play.
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