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Автори / Maria Heumann / Unemployment: what will happen on the social studies exam?

The social studies exam is a hodgepodge of everything at once: philosophy, political science, law, sociology, and economics. Unemployment in this social science soup is one of the most popular topics don't you want to study badly and become unemployed? Then you'll definitely need the www.edusharky.com service, so let's deal with it. Definition Unemployment is a socio-economic phenomenon in which the working-age population, fit for work, is actively looking for work but cannot find it. That is, the unemployed are people who do not have a job but are actively looking for one. Housewives, self-employed, and freelancers cannot all be considered unemployed. Housewives have given up looking for work. Self-employed and freelancers often help students, give them https://edusharky.com/statement-of-purpose-writing-service so sometimes have an income and a job (e.g., project work). Unemployment rate - the percentage of the unemployed relative to the economically active population in general. In addition to the definition, types and forms of unemployment, as well as its causes and consequences, ways to combat it, are found in the tasks of the USE in social studies. Types and forms Unemployment comes in four types: frictional - a temporary phenomenon, while a person is looking for a new job, such a gap between study and work, two jobs; structural - unemployment from the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," when the boy's daddy was fired, replaced by a robot, that is, it is a phenomenon arising from changes in the labor market, the introduction of technology, the need for retraining; cyclical - a phenomenon caused by the patterns of the economic cycle; the economy, you know, has those emotional swings in life, up and down, and during an economic downturn it has apathy - cyclical unemployment - and during an upswing everything returns to normal; seasonal unemployment is the unemployment that awaits those same corn sellers from Sochi in winter; tourists fly to Krasnodar Paradise and eat corn only in summer, while in winter both sellers and monkeys sit at home, comforted by the millions they have earned. There are four forms of unemployment, too: Open - "you're fired, I'm taking all your income." Hidden - "you're going to work part-time because there's no other job for you anyway; fluid - "today you have no project, but tomorrow you will have one; stagnant - "you'll sit without a job for a year, you'll lift a couch to the second floor for a thousand and wait a year again". Reasons Types of unemployment are distinguished precisely on the basis of causes. To summarize, it arises from five main phenomena: Production optimization, the introduction of new technology, and the reduction of unnecessary labor; economic depression, recession and reduction of production in general; wage policies and reductions in either labor or production; seasonal changes in industry and production; an increase in the working-age population while maintaining or reducing the number of jobs. Consequences Unemployment has a huge impact on all areas of people's lives. This impact can be positive and negative. The positive effects of unemployment are: Creating a job-ready reserve, lower inflation due to the fact that the growth of wages is restrained, increasing the level of labor motivation due to the fear of losing a job. Negative effects of unemployment: incomplete realization of economic potential - potential GDP is much higher than real GDP, falling living standards - reduction and loss of income, falling demand and savings, difficulty in finding a job, loss of competence, skills, increase in crime, divergent behavior due to moral trauma. State measures The state seeks to reduce unemployment. Several standard measures are used to combat it: Organization of retraining and structural qualification of professions, creation of labor exchanges, Increasing the number of vacancies in the public sector, payment of unemployment benefits, setting the minimum wage - the minimum wage. This is not all that is needed on the USE in social studies to solve the tasks on unemployment, this time you can not do without the help of https://edusharky.com/write-my-thesis often such a topic is found in the texts of the second part, when the reasons and ways of solution need to be written out of the text. Use your knowledge of the theory as a backbone and, building on it, look for similar measures restated by the author of the text. And you'll do just fine! RELATED RESOURCES: What can an online school help with? ONE IN A MILLION: HOW TO CHOOSE A SPECIALTY AND NOT TO MISCALCULATE? Two Weeks to School: How to Prepare Morally for September 1 How to choose a major class You have passed the USE and decided to stay in school How do I leave after ninth grade if my parents are against it?


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