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Anna Wilson

Microsoft Office has a pre-set reputation, which neither can be described and nor can be disturbed. For the highly digital world we live in and the tech-savvy lives we are leading- the name Microsoft is a part of our daily schedules.

It is an Office Suite that integrates several software applications that are developed by the same organization. These applications are typically designed to drive in the maximum utility for word processing, text-audio-video presentations, spreadsheets and databases.

Here, in this informative read, you’ll get to know the details of the Microsoft Suite for Mac including the application availability and the explicit steps for downloading the software on your Mac devices. So, let us help you experience the Microsoft Office Suite as an enhanced method.

Learn about the different Office Suite availability (2019)

This section of the read will help you understand the differences between a student and home use Office Suite version, a personal Office Suite version, and a Home Office Suite version as per the 2019 Microsoft Office update:

Microsoft Office Suite 2019 for Students and Home Use- This is a combination of Word, OneNote, PowerPoint and Excel, and can be used on only one Mac device at a time.

Microsoft Office 365- With abilities to be used on more than one Mac at a time, it is an integration of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and Online Storage.

Microsoft Office 365 Home- It consists of Online Storage along with Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint with exclusive access to use on up to five Mac devices at a time.

The steps to download Office Suite on Mac devices

This part of the read has been equipped with precise details on what procedure you’d have to follow to download the Microsoft Office Suite on your Mac device/s.

Begin with creating a Microsoft account so that you can use it later in the process.

Post account creation, get into the official “Office.com/setup” webpage.

On getting prompted use your login credentials to sign in to your Microsoft account.

Once you’re in, get to the home page and move to the “Install Office” option tab.

Place your hit on the “Install” option key and wait for the download to complete.

Now, that the Office Suite file has been downloaded, you have to provide your product key to redeem it and complete the installation. Here’s how you can redeem it:

Initiate with getting into the official setup site by Microsoft.

Get into your Microsoft account with the account credentials.

Provide the product key/code on being prompted on the page.

Note: This is when you can move to install the software.


The detailed read above is carefully crafted to introduce you to the Microsoft Office Suite that is available for Mac users. Reading through, you got familiarized with the differences between the different Office Suite available by Microsoft for Mac users and the explicit steps that would lead you to download Microsoft Office for your Mac device/s on office.com/setup.





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